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The Reemergence of Victoria’s Secret — Strike Magazines

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is back, but not in the way that you know it. VS has completely reimagined their iconic show, full of bombshell and fantasy bras, and has rebranded as the Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023.

While the collective showcase took place on Sept. 6 for the celebrity industry to enjoy, the showcase and some behind-the-scenes features will debut on Sept. 26, on Prime Video, for the whole world to critique.

According to VS Pressroom, the showcase and film features the VS20– “a group of 20 innovative global creatives who will conceive four fashion curations from the vibrant cities of Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo.”

These creatives were given the opportunity to create something entirely their own– to celebrate their own individuality. Anything from film to design to music to visual fields were fair game to mesh with the custom Victoria’s Secret designs that were presented to them.

Waterproof Mascara — Strike Magazines

Birthdays—How do you feel about them?

A day meant for celebration. A day to celebrate making it through another year, a day to celebrate growing “wiser.”

Don’t mind my need to read between the lines, my need to dissect a situation.

But some birthday girls are nervous behind their birthday tiara—behind their perfectly blended birthday makeup they spent weeks planning. They find themselves wishing they would have worn waterproof mascara.

Nervous about growing older, worried if everyone else is having fun. Stressed about the mess they are making, scared that their downstairs neighbors are secretly plotting against them.

How to start a band on Craigslist — Strike Magazines

Jacob Farrell lost touch with music when he got to the University of Florida, which was very unlike him as he has played music pretty much his whole life. On a whim he decided to post on the Gainesville Musicians board on Craigslist in 2015.

It just so happens that his future bandmate, Michael Higgins, had also posted. “We were both terminally bored,” said Farrell, the band’s bassist and singer. “I realized that I needed to start playing music again, which led me to the drastic choice of posting

Calling all Nail Lovers — Strike Magazines

Orlando is full of talented artists. Young entrepreneurs are finding new ways to provide their service to others, while juggling school and work.

Sabine ‘Esjay’ Joseph (@esjayslayedit on Instagram) and Kayla Mecoli (@thatzhotnails on Instagram) are both 20-year-old nail techs in the Orlando area who are a great example of young entrepreneurs with a great work ethic; providing a variety of services to make their clients happy is something they strive to do.

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