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My name is Reanna Haase, and I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I am a print/digital journalism student at the University of Central Florida, and I am planning to graduate in December of 2023. I have experience in writing news stories, writing news briefs, taking photo galleries, writing feature stories and copy editing.

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How to start a band on Craigslist — Strike Magazines

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Jacob Farrell lost touch with music when he got to the University of Florida, which was very unlike him as he has played music pretty much his whole life. On a whim he decided to post on the Gainesville Musicians board on Craigslist in 2015. It just so happens that his future bandmate, Michael Higgins, had also posted. “We were both terminally bored,” said Farrell, the band’s bassist and singer. “I realized that I needed to start playing music again, which led me to the drastic choice of posting

Women at UCF dominate environmental studies program

Word Count: 1,090
Sources: six

With the growth in the College of Undergraduate Studies over the years, there is a growth in the environmental studies program, but not in the way someone might expect. According to UCF’s Institutional Knowledge Management, 14 women received undergraduate environmental studies degrees in the spring of 2019, 19 women received the same degree in 2020, 32 women in 2021 and 38 women in 2022. In spring 2022, nearly three times as many women graduated from the program as men, with only 14 men receivin

College of Undergraduate Studies dean works to remove barriers for Knights

Word Count: 771
Sources: four

“She came just as COVID was hitting; so, you know she had plans in mind. She had a focus, and then the campus shut down,” said Dr. Wayne Bowen, interim associate dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies. “She’s really risen to the challenge, and it’s great to work with her; I know she has a real heart for students most of all.”

“Do you know how many students owe the library $5.25?” Berry said. “Imagine if that $5.25 sat between you and your transcript.”

Berry said by the time a student

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