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Hello! My name is Reanna Haase, and I am from Jacksonville, Florida.I am a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida. I have obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in print/digital journalism with minors in sociology and women’s studies. I have a passion for story telling, and I specialize in feature and enterprise reporting. I have experience in writing enterprise stories, news briefs, personality profiles, event coverage, feature stories and copy editing.

My Latest Work

Big Juicy Figs

The tree of your life– filled with possibilities and the fruit of your hard work. Your future branching off from the main life source, into a maze of possibilities.

Some of you may be familiar with Sylvia Plath– the poet whose pieces were filled with stories of sorrow and isolation. You also may be familiar with the fact that she tragically took her own life at age 30– if you weren’t, well, now you are.

Even though people regard her work, and even her life, as a depiction of tragedy– she became one of the most well-known female poets of her time, because young women, like myself, feel connected to her and her soul.

Training UCF Knights

Two-time UCF alumna and former UCF volleyball player, Jana Piragic, is not traditional when reading bedtime stories to her children, as they fall asleep. Her book of choice is the book she wrote.

As she reads, she dreams her boys will mirror the story of the child who wishes to become a Knight.

“When we found out we were pregnant, I wanted to say like we're having a future Knight,” said Piragic, author of "UCF Knight in Training." “And so, I was looking for a book like this, and I couldn't find anything.”

A Girl and Her First Cat — Strike Magazines

When I walked through the front door at the Seminole County animal shelter “just to look around” in April 2022, I had no idea that I would be leaving with my new best friend.

A bond between a girl and the first cat she adopts is like no other. I found this bond in the cat room that day.
Walking in, I had the perfect kitty pictured in my head. I wanted either a tortoise shell calico or a pale ginger tabby. I knew I needed a girl and I wanted a kitten, so she didn’t have any bad habits yet.

I checked in at the front desk of the animal shelter and they took me back to the cat area, where I had to wait outside of a glass door because they would only let one party in at a time.

I looked through the glass and saw this 20 lbs. brown tabby cat showing me her white tummy and making direct eye contact with me. I took a picture of the kitty because I thought she was so funny—she didn’t care about the family that was in there at all.

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